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At the Special exhibition gallery, visitors can enjoy selected exhibits on subjects related to Tokyo’s history and culture, scheduled several times a year.


Special exhibition

20th Anniversary Special Exhibition of the opening of Edo-Tokyo Museum
Edo and Kyo 〜The townscape in Asia〜
Dates:Mar18, 2014 - May11, 2014 (※Calendar )

Throughout the Edo Period, Edo and Kyoto were two major cities that accepted and transmitted various information and goods. Edo was the city of the samurai, with numerous residences belonging to daimyo feudal loads as well as a castle, while Kyoto was the city of the court noble, with the lmperial Palace located within its grid-pattern city design. This exhibition considers Edo-Period city development in Japan, focusing on the two cities, and how it compared with city development in other Asian regions.


"Gunshi Kanbee" a special exhibition of NHK's annual historical drama for 2014.
Dates:May27, 2014 - July13, 2014 (※Calendar )

Gunshi Kanbee(tentative title) presents historical documents and items regarding Kanbee Kuroda, a genius general who served important positions under Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi during the late civil war period. This exhibition was created to coordinate with NHK's year-long TV program "Gunshi Kanbee"


Yohei Taneda Creates the Art of When Marnie Was There
Dates:July27, 2014 - Sept15, 2014 (※Calendar )

A Special Exhibition Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo Olympics and the Bullet Train
Dates:Sept30, 2014 - Nov16, 2014 (※Calendar )


Explore! Experience! Edo-Tokyo
Dates:Dec2, 2014 - Mar8, 2015 (※Calendar )

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Sekigahara(tentative title)
Dates:Mar28, 2015 - May17, 2015 (※Calendar )

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