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1F・5F Museum shop
Picture of Museum shop
Phone: (03)3626-9930
Hours: 1F/ 9:30-17:30(Saturday untill 19:30)
  5F/ 9:30-17:00

A wide variety of original products including telephone cards, postcards, and Japanese towels, as well as a considerable collection of books on Edo and Tokyo. Located in two separate corners.

1F Sumida Ward souvenir shop
Picture of Sumida croner
Phone: (03)3626-0721
Hours: 10:00-17:30(Saturday untill 18:30)

Twenty kinds of traditonal sweets, cakes, and crackers and postcards to represent Sumida-ku.


1F・3F・7F Lounging areas
Picture of Lounging areas
1F: smoking area
3F: Edo-Tokyo plaza / Hours: 10:30-17:30
7F: Lobby

The closed-in lounging area on 3F is air-conditioned. It is ideal for enjoying packed lunch.

1F Poster exhibit area

Posters of exhibitions currently held at various museums are put up in this space.

availavle on 1F・5F Electonic signboard service

Various information including a lost child and paging is given on electrical displays. No announcement inside the Museum except on emergency.

requests accepted at the library on 7F Access to museum archive

Material in stock in the museum can be searched on request. Please ask for the staff at the Library. For more information, Please call (03) 3626-9974.

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