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Upon crossing a replica of the “Nihonbashi” Bridge, one enters the Edo-Tokyo Museum permanent exhibit from1590, when Tokugawa Ieyasu first built Edo, (renamed Tokyo at meiji Era) the Edo-Tokyo area has enjoyed a long 400 years history.
The permanent exhibit at the Edo-Tokyo Museum showcases politics, culture, and an insight into the lifestyle of the people from its birth to present day Tokyo.

Exhibition Area (5F and 6F)

Image of “Nihonbashi” Bridge
“Nihonbashi” Bridge
Map 5F 6F
Enter the Permanent exhibition on 6F and exit on 5F.English route map is available at brochure rack.Curators provide lectures several times a month. Please check the schedule posted in the exhibition area.

The Exhibition area is divided into three zones. There are Edo Zone, Tokyo Zone and Second Event Exhibition.

Edo Zone “Edo at the start”, “life in Edo”, “Edo culture”

At the beginning of the Edo zone is a replica of the Nihonbashi Bridge. Just the past the bridge is an introduction to the politics of the Edo Era. As one moves from the 6th floor to the 5th floor, one can then view display portraying the lifestyle, the economic system, and the culture of the Edo Era. The Edo zone portrays the characteristic lifestyle of the Edo culture.

Tokyo Zone “The birth of Tokyo, capital of Japan”, “Modern urban life”, “War and reconstruction”

The Tokyo Zone starts at the conversion from the Edo Era to the Tokyo Era. The European and American influences that first started the Meiji Era can be seen. Then, the effects of WWII and the reconstruction period that occurred after the war can be learned about.

Second Special Exhibits Gallery

Interesting exhibitions of topical themes or a part of special exhibition are displayed here several times each year.


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