Special Exhibition 1F

Ancient Egypt - The Creation of the World

古代エジプト 天地創造の神話

 Exhibition Outline

The Edo-Tokyo Museum is pleased to announce the exhibition “Ancient Egypt—The Creation of the World,” which introduces masterpieces from the Egyptian collection of the Egyptian Museum of Berlin, situated on an island in the River Spree in Berlin. Alongside the British Museum in London and the Louvre Museum in Paris, the Berlin State Museums are known as some of the largest and best museums in Europe, and they boast one of the world’s leading Egyptian collections, which covers thousands of years of Egyptian history, headlined by a particularly outstanding collection from the Amarna Period. This exhibition will feature about 130 masterpieces from the Berlin Egyptian collection, presented under the theme “The Creation of the World.” Presented in three sections—”Creation and the World of Gods,” “The Pharaoh and the Order of the Universe,” and “Judgment in the Afterlife,” the unknown world of ancient Egyptian mythology will come to life through animations, alongside precious excavated artifacts. Visitors may be amazed at some surprising commonalities with Japanese myths of creation. More than 100 items including The Book of the Dead of Ta-remetsch-en-Bastet, over 4 meters in length, and the beautifully decorated carved wooden sarcophagus (outer casket) of Tare-kap, will be exhibited for the first time in Japan. Please make time to view the treasures of the Egyptian collection coming to Japan from Berlin, a sister city of Tokyo, on the 160th anniversary of the Japan–Germany exchange in 2021.


 Outline of event

Exhibition period: Saturday, November 21 to Sunday, April 4, 2021

Location: Edo-Tokyo Museum, 1st Floor Special Exhibition Room (1-4-1 Yokoami, Sumida-ku, Tokyo)

Phone: 03-3626-9974 (switchboard)


  • 3-minute walk from West Exit of Ryogoku Station, JR Sobu Line

  • 1-minute walk from A3 or A4 Exit of Ryogoku Station (Edo-Tokyo Hakubutsukan-mae), Toei Subway Oedo Line

  • Toei bus: 錦27, 両28, 門33, 墨38 bus routes

     Sumida City circulation bus “Sumida Hyakkei Sumimarukun / Sumirinchan (Southern Route)”

     Get off at “Toei Ryogoku Eki-mae (Edo-Tokyo Hakubutsukan-mae)” and walk 3 minutes.


Opening hours: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm *Admission until 30 minutes before close

Days Closed: Mondays (however, exhibition will be open November 23, January 4, January 11, and January 18), November 24, December 21 through January 1, as well as January 12


Admission fee (incl. tax) Special exhibition ticket Special exhibition & permanent exhibition ticket Special exhibition advance sale ticket


1,800 yen 2,000 yen 1,600 yen

University & technical school students

1,440 yen 1,670 yen 1,240 yen

Age 65+

1,440 yen 1,530 yen 1,240 yen

Junior high school students (from outside Tokyo), high school students

900 yen 1,050 yen 800 yen

Elementary & junior high school students (from Tokyo)

900 yen None 800 yen


*Group discounts tickets are not available.


*The admission fee is free in the following cases. Preschool children. Anyone who has a physical disability certificate, intellectual disability certificate, rehabilitation certificate, mental health and welfare certificate, or an official designation as an atomic bomb survivor, as well as their attending caregivers (up to two people).


*There is no special exhibition & permanent exhibition ticket for elementary school students and junior high school students who live or study in Tokyo because the permanent exhibition admission fee is free for them.


*Junior high school, high school, university, and technical school students are required to present a student ID card, and those aged 65 and over are required to present proof of age (health insurance card, driver’s license, etc.).


*For changes to opening hours and Silver Day opening, please check our website.


*Advance tickets will be sold from October 2 to November 20. From November 21, tickets will be available at the same rate as same-day purchase (this sales period is subject to change).


*In order to prevent venue overcrowding, admission may be restricted and numbered tickets for ordered admission may be distributed on the day.


*Please note that numbered tickets are limited in number, and you may have to wait after receiving your numbered tickets to be admitted. In addition, you will not be able to choose your admission time.


*Ticket sales: Edo-Tokyo Museum, E+, NTV Zero Ticket, Asa Ticket , etc. (handling fees may apply)


*Tickets for special exhibitions and permanent exhibitions are sold only at the Edo-Tokyo Museum.