Feature Exhibition 5F

Princess Kazu Goes to Edo: The Objects She Held and the World She Saw

企画展「和宮 江戸へ」

 Exhibition Outline


In the Edo period, ever since Takako, the lawful wife of third-generation shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu, it was customary for the wives of shoguns and their heirs to come from the houses of Imperial princes or the lines of regents and advisors. One of the most exceptional cases was the marriage of an Imperial princess. The daughter of Emperor Ninko and younger sister of Emperor Komei, Princess Kazu was married to the 14th-generation shogun Tokugawa Iemochi. In the same way, many wives of shoguns came from the society of court nobles, and through them the courtly culture of Kyoto permeated deeply throughout Edo Castle. Princess Kazu tried to reconcile her lifestyle as a lady of the inner chambers with the customs of the samurai and the Imperial court. So what did Princess Kazu see, what did she touch, and what kind of life did she live at Edo Castle? This exhibition will consist of various pieces that Princess Kazu actually saw and handled, with a focus on furniture used by Princess Kazu, which was handed down within the Tokugawa shogunate family, silver items that Princess Kazu received from Emperor Komei, and waka poems and correspondence written by Princess Kazu, in addition to items held in the collection of the Edo-Tokyo Museum in Tokyo. Through these pieces, we hope to offer a glimpse into Princess Kazu’s interior world and how she lived


 Outline of event

Exhibition period: Exhibition period: Saturday, January 2 to Tuesday, February 23, 2021 (public holiday)

Location: Edo-Tokyo Museum, Permanent Exhibition, 5th Floor Feature Exhibition Room

Phone: 03-3626-9974 (switchboard)


  • 3-minute walk from West Exit of Ryogoku Station, JR Sobu Line

  • 1-minute walk from A3 or A4 Exit of Ryogoku Station (Edo-Tokyo Hakubutsukan-mae), Toei Subway Oedo Line

  • Toei bus: 錦27, 両28, 門33, 墨38 bus routes

     Sumida City circulation bus “Sumida Hyakkei Sumimarukun / Sumirinchan (Southern Route)”

     Get off at “Toei Ryogoku Eki-mae (Edo-Tokyo Hakubutsukan-mae)” and walk 3 minutes.


Opening hours: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm *Admission until 30 minutes before close

Days Closed: Tuesday, January 12 / Monday, January 25 / Monday, February 1 / Monday, February 8 / Monday, February 15 / Monday, February 22

*Some exhibits may be switched out during the exhibition period.


Admission fee (incl. tax)


600 yen

University & technical school students

480 yen

Junior high school students (from outside Tokyo),
high school students, those aged 65 years and older

300 yen

Elementary & junior high school students (from Tokyo)

Free of charge


*Admission to the permanent exhibition is free of charge on Saturday, January 2, 2021 and Sunday, January 3, 2021.

*The parentheses ( ) indicate group rates for 20 or more people.

*The permanent exhibition admission fee is free in the following cases. Preschool children. Anyone who has a physical disability certificate, intellectual disability certificate, rehabilitation certificate, mental health and welfare certificate, or an official designation as an atomic bomb survivor, as well as their attending caregivers (up to two people).

*Junior high school, high school, university, and technical school students are required to present a student ID card, and those aged 65 and over are required to present proof of age (health insurance card, driver’s license, etc.).