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International Exchange Exhibition “Scenes Around Sumida River in Edo Tokyo” [held at Seoul Museum of History]


“Scenes Around Sumida River in Edo, Tokyo” is an exhibition held at the Seoul Museum of History through international exchange with Japan’s Edo-Tokyo Museum. It exhibits 160 Edo-era ukiyo-e paintings set against the backdrop of the Sumida River, which played a great role in the urban development of Edo (present-day Tokyo), the de facto capital of Japan, introducing new customs and lifestyles.

In comparison to Seoul’s Hangang River, Tokyo’s Sumida River is much narrower and shorter, but both rivers share similar significance and status in their long history of streaming through the capital.

Visitors will be able to time travel back to the Edo period walking along the banks of the Sumida River and get a glimpse into the way people lived hundreds of years ago throughout the seasons.


Exhibition Period Wed, Sep. 7, 2022 – Sun, Oct. 23, 2022
Location Special Exhibition Hall, Seoul Museum of History [access]
Admission fee free


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