Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum 30th Anniversary

Edo-Tokyo Museum Collection ~ Edo-Tokyo Urban Development ~

江戸東京博物館コレクション 江戸東京のまちづくりチラシ(表)

Since its opening on March 28, 1993, the Tokyo Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum has dedicated itself to presenting the history of Tokyo from the Edo Period (1603–1867) using a wealth of documents, materials, and models. Currently, due to extensive renovation work, the Museum is closed for an extended period. The “Edo-Tokyo Museum Collection ~ Edo-Tokyo Urban Development ~” Special Exhibition will take documents and models from the museum’s permanent exhibition introducing urban development and rearrange them to showcase the evolution of Tokyo’s urban landscape from the Edo Period to the modern era. Tokyo continues to evolve through ongoing scrap-and-build transformations to this day. We hope this serves as an opportunity to reflect on how the present city has developed over the course of the long history since the Edo Period.