Museum Seminars (Edohaku Culture)

Museum Seminars(Edohaku Culture)at the Edo-Tokyo Museum were first held in FY1996 and offered accessible talks on studies conducted by curators and researchers. The Seminars were renamed to “Edohaku Culture” in FY2004 and now offer the addition of lectures on public exhibitions and opportunities to learn about traditional crafts. The richly varied Museum Seminars(Edohaku Culture) events had been presented more than 1,500 times by FY2018.
In addition to programs at the Edo-Tokyo Museum, the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum has offered Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum Seminars every year since it opened in FY1993. Since FY2007, the seminars have been incorporated into the Edohau Culture program.



  • 江博文化
  • 延長截止日期
  • 2022.08.31(Wed) 14:00〜15:30
  • 申請截止日期: 2022.08.23(Tue)


  • 江博文化
  • 需事前申請
  • 2022.09.22(Thu) 14:00〜15:30
  • 申請截止日期: 2022.09.06(Tue)

【江戸東京たてもの園会場開催】武蔵野の秋 詠まれ読まれた秋の植物

  • 江博文化
  • 需事前申請
  • 2022.09.29(Thu) 14:00〜15:30
  • 申請截止日期: 2022.09.13(Tue)