Special Exhibition 1F

2017 NHK Historical Drama “Naotora: The Lady warload” “Sengoku! From Ii Naotora to Naomasa” Special Exhibition

A look at the life of li Naotora, who was foster mother to the Tokugawa clan’s chief vassal li Naomasa, as depicted in an NHK Taiga Drama.In addition to introducing the li family who set up base in linoya, Tōtōmi Province during the Sengoku Period, the exhibition showcases their journey, which led to the establishment of Hikone Domain, alongside some of the family’s prized heirlooms.


Adults: ¥1,350
College and Vocational students: ¥1,080
High school students and Seniors (65 and over): ¥680
Junior high school students and younger: Free