Special Exhibition 1F

The Exhibition of the Sengoku Period - A Century of Dreams -


The Sengoku Period(1454-1573) has long been seen as a period when Japan was in great turmoil due to a territorial dispute along with the decline of the Muromachi Shognate(1336-1573). However, the Sengoku Period has been reconsidered in recent studies as being an era that helped in the maturation of politics and culture. Famous daimyo feudal lords made strong efforts to manage their territory and introduced Kyoto-born cultures such as painting, architecture and tea ceremony to their people.This exhibition tries to express the reality of the period through dialogues with a number of heroes through historical documents and artistic crafts from various areas.



Adults: ¥1,350  
College and vocational students: ¥1,080 
Elementary, Junior high, High school students and seniors (65 and over): ¥680


Mon (Open on Jan. 2,9,16), Dec.26 Mon.- Jan.1 Sun., 2017



Important Cultural Property Flowers and Birds of the Four Seasons on folding screens(Right Wing), 1549 Courtesy of Hakutsuru Fine Art Museum