Feature Exhibition 5F

Exhibition of Excavations in the Japanese Archipelago 2019


Approximately 9,000 excavations are conducted each year throughout Japan, but opportunities to actually handle their results are extremely limited. For this reason, to allow more people to gain familiarity with Japan’s buried cultural assets and to deepen public understanding of the importance of protecting these, this exhibition will offer a preliminary display of 12 sites that have received particular attention among those excavated in recent years.


In addition, as a special feature this year, we will introduce the buried cultural assets and excavation surveys of areas affected by natural disasters, as well as emphasizing efforts to preserve the scenic beauty of natural and historic sites and monuments.


Exhibition period: Saturday, June 1 to Sunday, July 21, 2019

Days Closed: Monday, June 3 / Monday, June 10 / Monday, June 17 / Monday, June 24 / Monday, July 1 / Monday, July 8 / Tuesday, July 16

Location: Edo-Tokyo Museum, Permanent Exhibition, 5th Floor Feature Exhibition Room

* Permanent exhibition admission fee applies.