Feature Exhibition 5F

Tama-The Treasures of Ancient Japan-

This exhibition is being held in collaboration with the Kodai Rekishibunka Conference, a council of representatives from 14 prefectures with close connections to ancient Japanese history and culture. The exhibits utilize cooperative research on the Kofun Period conducted by the council to help visitors understand the historical significance of jewels and gems of ancient times. For countless generations, people considered gemstones to be very special, not only for their beauty as accessories, but also because they were thought to hold a mystical power that connected with humanity’s soul. They are important to us now as they provide us with clues about ancient political hierarchies and interregional relationships, and give us a better understanding of how people viewed the spiritual world. These exhibits will primarily focus on ancient jewels and gems of the Kofun Period excavated from sites around the country, and will include designated National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties. Learn more about the history and culture of ancient Japan through jewels that symbolically illustrate the aesthetic sense of antiquity.
※Entrance to the exhibition included in museum admission.


■Exhibition period:2018.10.23~12.9

■Venue:5F Feature Exhibition Room

■Opening hours:9:30 – 17:30 (Saturday:9:30 – 19:30)※ Entry is permitted until 30 minutes before closing